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Fragment d'iceberg - Fresh herbal tea

Fragment d'iceberg - Fresh herbal tea

  • Désaltérant
  • Disponible dans le courant de l’automne

Let's imagine a person lost in the desert, with a burning thirst and who is so hot that even with the minimum amount of clothing on their back, it's already too much. This poor distressed soul could easily be hallucinating! Well if that were the case, the best mirage would certainly be to drink from the bottom of an iceberg stream.

  • The herbal tea offered here will give you the same effect of freshness in the mouth despite the fact that herbal tea is often served hot.
  • Ideal for digestion or to have a clear mind, it really has a taste that awakens the taste buds.
  • It tastes like mint and paparma!

Each box contains a reusable recycled cotton herbal tea bag, made by volunteers from the Source d’Entraide. This organization supports disadvantaged families in St-Lazare and receives $2 with each purchase of a box.

  • 100% naturel
  • Emballage éco-responsable
  • Frais de port à partir de 10 $
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mentha piperita (peppermint), mentha viridis (spearmint), gaultheria procumbens (winter tea).

All the plants used come from wild harvests and our gardens.

Conseils d'utilisation

- Place a tablespoon of herbal tea in your teapot.
- Heat 1 liter of water to 80°C, i.e. just simmering before boiling.
- Pour it into the teapot and wait 10 minutes before tasting.

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Customer Reviews

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Carolann B.
Excellent, je recommande!

Cette tisane porte très bien son nom ; son goût est tout en fraîcheur. Je l'adore! Je ne bois plus d'autre tisane à la menthe que celle-ci. :)

Merci beaucoup Carolann ! On est flattés de savoir que notre tisane te plaise tant ! Cet été tu pouras la boire fraîche, ça fonctionne bien aussi