Love yourself - pouch filled with love

“Love yourself” is a gift for you or someone you love. Who will get their dose of well-being?



Discover a selection of products that will do you good every day! Soaps, creams, bath salts, balms: a whole army assembled to take care of you. The textures, smells and benefits are numerous, the Sauvage-s team is sure that you will find what you are looking for.
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❄️ Winter is here...

A collection that will protect you!

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The wild world is full of tastes! Whether it's drinks, dishes or desserts, there are treasures all around us. We offer you a few here while waiting for others to appear. Sauvage-s is in perpetual research so tell yourself that this is only the beginning!
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Plants are a real treasure for people with attentive nostrils: there is such a diversity of smells!
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