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Bien dans mes pantoufles - Ritual to pamper your feet

Bien dans mes pantoufles - Ritual to pamper your feet

Sauvage-s has created 3 wonderful products for the lower body! They have been designed to work together to combine their strengths and bring you maximum comfort.

  • It's a ritual to do when you're quiet at home and want to take care of your feet and legs.
  • It is fresh because it is mainly made from mint but we invite you to consult the descriptions of each product to find out more.
  • Now follow the guide!

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  • 100% natural
  • Eco-responsible packaging
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Usage tips

Material to prepare:

A basin, a tablespoon, a pair of clean socks, a towel, a carafe of hot water, the products of the Well in my slippers ritual, a good book with music that makes you feel good or a film that you like , a cup of herbal tea (Flower Power for example!).

Path to follow :

Fill a basin 2/3 full of hot water.

Pour in 2 tablespoons of salt. What a kick!

Sit somewhere you are comfortable and sink your feet into it.

Let yourself go for 15 minutes.

Take one foot out and take a tablespoon of Frrt Frrt in your hand then massage your foot with circular movements. The goal is to remove dead skin, so focus on the areas where you have the most (at the heels for example). If necessary, use exfoliant again and scrub again.

Pour a little water from the carafe onto the foot to rinse it quickly. We want the greasy film to remain.

Dry yourself well, insisting between your toes.

Apply the Vivifiante to the foot and leg, up to the knee, and put on a sock so as not to dirty your surroundings.

Perform steps 5 through 8 for the second leg.

Now, relax and feel the freshness running through your lower body! The best is to lie down and place a cushion under your feet to raise them a little and allow better blood circulation. The ritual can be done once or twice a week if you feel the need.

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In partnership with: The Source of Support

Each pack contains a recycled fabric napkin, made by volunteers from theSource of Support. This organization supports disadvantaged families in St-Lazare and receives $2 with each purchase of a box.

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