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Les voyageuses - spice tasting pack

Les voyageuses - spice tasting pack

If you ever want to try everything or you like to set sail with your taste buds, our Les voyageuses pack will delight you! It contains the Vegetable Garden, Undergrowth and Jungle spices. Enjoy your culinary journey through these 3 ecosystems!

Potager - garden vegetable spice:

It tastes of abundance, the generosity of a fertile land! A pinch of this tasty blend contains 6 carefully selected vegetables and 2 herbs to enhance everything.
Add it to your pasta, to your meats, to your sauces: it will give them that rounded flavor that will make you say “I want more!”.

Sous-bois - wild mushroom spice:

Mainly composed of balsam fir and wild mushrooms, this spice will take you for a walk in the forest. Around you, trees as far as the eye can see, the song of the stream, cushions of bright green moss and, for those who pay attention, wonderful mushrooms with their characteristic smell and shapes. Sous-bois also contains a nutty note thanks to the buckwheat it contains. The whole thing forms a seasoning with an umami and gourmet taste, which goes particularly well with meats, baked squash, wine sauces and fried eggs.

Jungle - unidentified spicy spice:

This time, Sauvages takes you to a still unknown country! A journey into the distance with an air of déjà vu. Peppers, tomatoes and citrus fruits rub shoulders with thuja and blueberries; garlic, chili pepper and ginger enhance everything; while onion, Pennsylvania sweet pepper and clove provide roundness. This mixture is perfect for creating caliente dishes and is sure to surprise your guests!


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Vegetable garden - garden vegetable spice: 

carrots*, celeriac and branches*, leeks*, parsnips*, black radish*, button mushrooms*, rosemary, savory, sage. *Organic Products

Undergrowth - wild mushroom spice:

Wild mushrooms (chanterelles, chanterelles, sheep's trotters), balsam fir, buckwheat*, garlic*, Paris mushroom*. *Organic Products

Jungle - unidentified spicy spice:

Garlic*, peppers*, tomatoes*, onions*, blueberries, citrus fruits*, cedar, ginger*, sweet pepper, chili peppers, cloves*. *Organic Products

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Alice Legendre
Très parfumé

Mélange d'épices original, très parfumé. Gros coup de cœur pour l'épice Jungle

Merci Alice ! Et oui, nos p'tites fourmis ont ramené des denrées uniques sur leur dos ! Contents que ça te plaise